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10 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Hire a Florist

Wonderfully-done floral arrangements are major factors in setting the desired mood of a special occasion. Thanks to the creative abilities of a florist, even surreal floral concepts can already be made possible. However, given that not all people are alike in their abilities and so are fellow florists, it is important to hire the best florist that will make your moments shine brighter on your next big day. The following ten questions will serve as your guide.

How many years of experience do you have as a florist?

Experience is always the best teacher. Hire a florist that has an adequate experience on floristry for your planned event. The florist will only be as good as the number of attempts they do on enhancing the craft.

Can you show me pictures of your previous outputs?

Documentation of their projects may be tedious on the part of the florist, but this can come in handy if you need proof that the florist is telling you nothing but the hard at work

Can you work this specific theme within my budget?

Tell the florist about your preferred theme (motif) and budget. Whatever their response could be, allow the florist to speak up their side.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of my suggested theme?

Be open-minded. Give the florist a chance to prove their expertise in floristry. This will also allow you to figure out points that you might have missed out during your deliberation for the theme.

Do you have any suggestions that might be more suitable for the event?

If the florist says no to Question 3, they must a better suggestion in mind. Hear them out and decide whether it’s a better alternative for your event or not.

How do you like to work things out?

Know your florist’s work style. This will let you determine if you can be comfortable when working with them or not.

Who will be working with you for the event?

As the client, it is important to know who you are working with for your big event. Knowing their task designation for the florist’s service is also important.

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Can you provide me a timeline of all the activities?

Hire a florist who knows how to initiate careful planning and organisation of their activities, this is a good quality. You can track each progress and adjust when necessary.

Can you provide me a breakdown of all the expenses needed for your service?

Transparency is key to effective communication. If the florist initiates such move to the financial aspects of their service, then again, plus points.

Do we have any perks to enjoy from your service?

Knowing the perks of a florist’s service makes it more inviting to hire a florist but remember these should really provide a greater benefit to your end.

If all their answers to these questions are already very satisfactory, then congratulations! You have already found yourself a suitable florist to hire on your big day.

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