The Most Popular flowers for summer

The sun’s out! Do you know what that means? …Flowers are in! Summer is the perfect season to showcase your newly planted flowers to everyone. If you are planning to start a garden full of flowers in Northampton but have no clue about what flowers to plant, have no fear! Here are the top 5 handpicked flowers for summer that will surely make your neighbours green with envy!

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The Top 10 Ultimate Floral Wedding Trends of 2018

When planning for a wedding, floral themes are evermore one of the most important choices to make. 2017 was a year full of bohemian, rustic, and modern weddings. However, this year, we’ll have to say goodbye to pastels, flower crowns, and chalkboard art, as they are now things of the past. Say hello to new floral wedding trends! Here’s a list of ultimate trends for this year’s floral-themed weddings.

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5 Tips On How To Become A Floral Designer

To be a good floral designer, talent and perseverance are not enough. You also need direction so the energy and resources spent would all be worth it in the end. For those who want to start a career in floral designing, follow these tips in order to become a successful floral preparing flowers

Improve Your Floral Design Skills

It is impossible to be an expert floral designer right from the start. However creative and skilful you are, learning the basic principles of floral designing is still necessary in order to make outstanding floral works. For this reason, you should consider enrolling in formal floral designing classes. Through this, you can take advantage of a guided and systematic learning to enhance your knowledge and abilities in floral designing. But when enrolling in floral classes is not possible, you can also work for a professional who can serve as a teacher or mentor.

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The Top 5 Health Benefits of Flowers

Flowers add beauty to any room. People give flowers as a symbol of love and care, but flowers are not just attractive tokens, they can offer other benefits to the body as well. Here are the top 5 health benefits of flowers that you should know.

large bouquet and small bouquet of flowersFlowers can improve your emotional and mental health

A bouquet of bright and colourful flowers can brighten a room. Flowers can help you combat anxiety and depression. The scent of flowers can elevate your mood and helps you calm down. Evening primrose is an example of a flower that can relieve depression and balance your hormone production.

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10 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Hire a Florist

Wonderfully-done floral arrangements are major factors in setting the desired mood of a special occasion. Thanks to the creative abilities of a florist, even surreal floral concepts can already be made possible. However, given that not all people are alike in their abilities and so are fellow florists, it is important to hire the best florist that will make your moments shine brighter on your next big day. The following ten questions will serve as your guide.