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The Top 10 Ultimate Floral Wedding Trends of 2018

When planning for a wedding, floral themes are evermore one of the most important choices to make. 2017 was a year full of bohemian, rustic, and modern weddings. However, this year, we’ll have to say goodbye to pastels, flower crowns, and chalkboard art, as they are now things of the past. Say hello to new floral wedding trends! Here’s a list of ultimate trends for this year’s floral-themed weddings.

Hanging Arrangements

Hanging floral arrangements will definitely turn heads (upward) on your wedding day. From lush floral chandeliers to hanging pots – the choices are limitless! You can add navy blue ribbons, vines, or floral wreaths. These help to give a romantic atmosphere that guests will surely adore. Hanging floral arrangements definitely add more glamour than “plain” table centrepieces, giving a wow factor that is what this year’s trends are all about. beautiful flowers in vase

Floral Wreaths and Hoops

Hoops and wreaths are coming in to replace traditional bouquets and flower walls, proving they’re not limited to Christmas. These elegant circles are becoming a big hit on this year’s wedding trends. Invitation cards decorated with watercolour wreaths, a small hoop wreath for each of the bridesmaids to carry, and big greenery wreaths for the perfect photo backdrop are just some examples of the many ways floral wreaths and hoops could change every little detail on your wedding day, to create a stunning outcome.

Ultra Violet

A vivid purple is what Pantone revealed to be this 2018’s colour of the year. Florals, invitations, table decorations, and even bridesmaids’ dresses could all be in beautiful bold hues of purple! Deep purple flowers look perfect when combined with nature-inspired elements such as curly willow branches, ferns or jasmine vines. Get ready to see flowers in mauve which creates an avant-garde touch to floral arrangements.

Budget-friendly foliage (no symmetry and perfection)

Catch ya later, perfection! 2018 greets us with new floral wedding trends using nature’s elements such as bougainvillaea, succulents, and flowers that you can actually find in your neighbour’s front yard. Bouquet arrangements this year are more playful and undone, keeping the lovely touch regardless of proportion and perfection.

Moody Blooms

Pastel and neutral colours were totally trendy last year, but we’ll have to bid them goodbye, too. Florals on the darker palette are now on trend. Darker hues such as plum and burgundy, perfectly paired with foliage, are gaining popularity.

Transparent Elements

Glass tables, chairs, and windows remain classy no matter what season. Writings on perspex sheets will become popular in place of chalkboard art which was highly on trend last year. Transparent elements such as these would be a wonderful choice for couples who want their weddings to be modish and minimal.

Indoor Weddings

For a long time, outdoor weddings were hugely popular. However, this year, weddings will more likely be done indoors as couples decide to have more intimate and cost-effective weddings. It also eliminates the chances of weather interference on their big day. Guest list counts are also becoming smaller, rather than old extravagant weddings where couples invite everybody they know.

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Relaxed Bridal Gowns

Dresses that allow the brides to feel more comfortable to move around are in style this 2018. These lightweight airy bridal gowns are perfect for humble floral-themed weddings. Stylists and brides make extravagant capes their favourite which adds a charming touch to the simplicity of the gown.

Dessert Tables

This year, couples shy away to white sheet cakes and emphasize food quality as the influential “foodie culture” is on the rise. We’ll continue to see cupcake towers, sushi stations, doughnut walls, cookie and chocolate tart tables and many other unique options.

New Food

2018 says goodbye not just to floral wedding trends of last year, traditional wedding food have given way to everything organic, Korean food, and more options focusing to the couple’s favourites and shared food experiences. Ideas are epic and you wouldn’t know what to expect!

These are just some of the things you will see at the weddings you attend in 2018, all we can be sure of is that there will always be flowers at a wedding and you want to make sure you have the most beautiful and attractive flowers to show off to your friends and family!

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