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Which Flowers Will Last the Longest In an Arrangement

Flowers are an essential part of interior design, special events, and even random occasions. For a room to look complete, and for it to be dressed for any occasion, it has to have flowers. Flowers are the perfect finishing touch. They’re the icing on your cake, the party shoes to your new dress, and the paint to your paper—well, you get the picture.

You can’t have a wedding or special occasion without flowers—the entire event just wouldn’t be the same. Don’t try to convince yourself with the old “it’s the people present there that matters” trick, because flowers really are important. If there aren’t flowers at your parties, just imagine what the place would look like—you’d have a plain looking room with some tables and chairs, and nothing more. The only problem with handling flowers though, is that they can’t stay beautiful forever. Our friends over at Magnolia who are a leading florist in Northampton know this all to well. They pride their business son having the freshest flowers in stock.

There’s just something about fresh flowers that makes you want to have them forever. When you’re buying flowers, think of them like ice cream—you’ll need to choose the freshest ones, and immediately drive them home for them to last as long as possible. Sadly, a lot of flowers start wilting just a few days after they’ve been cut. When making flower arrangements, it’s important to know which flowers last the longest so you could have flower arrangements that will last a long while.

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If you’re wondering about which flowers will last the longest, Orchids, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Delphiniums, and Zinnias are one of the most common choices for long-lasting flower arrangements. These flowers survive well when cut and displayed in just a vase filled with water, that they could last up until a week or more. They’re also very beautiful too. You can usually find these flowers in shades of bright yellows, reds, oranges, and stunning blues, and purples. The best part about these flowers though is that they’re available for long periods of time each year.

Zinnias are the longest lasting of the bunch. If you regularly change its water every two days, these flowers could last until 24 days. You won’t have to worry about them wilting and dying when they’ll last for approximately a month. Chrysanthemums could also last for about the same time as Zinnias, but they require a lot more care when handled. When you’re dealing with Chrysanthemums, you’ll need to change its water and trim its stems daily. Don’t worry about the time and effort you’ll be spending though, these flowers are real beauties so you won’t have any regrets.

Orchids, Carnations, and Delphiniums come second in the list. Not only are they beautifully elegant, but they can last for up to 2-3 weeks as well. To make these flowers last, regularly trim their stems and change their water every 2 days.

Taking care of flowers is like taking care of a pet or a loved one. Not only will you need to feed them, but you’ll also need to love and care for them as well. Doing these things won’t just make you feel happy, but it’ll also give you beautiful flowers that will last a long time.

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